Aaron rocking the mini upright at Project Earth!

We're flying high among festival season... our favorite time of year!
We've played some goodies like Metro Jam, MREA Energy Fair, and Project Earth, but our favorite one coming out on top is Project Earth. It's hard to describe the experience we had unless you were immersed into the festival as well. Doc. mentioned that "This is what things would look like after the apocalypse." Organized by the band Wookiefoot, it's a grassroots homegrown family that hangs out together for the weekend and shares the love of music, dance, food, and harmony. It's at Harmony Park - Geneva, MN. To give you a sense... One person's camp had more than just the normal fair (tent, sleeping stuff, camp fire, etc.). The patron, Original Bart, had a grand piano inside a big tent for anyone to play and hang out in. He also brought a mini upright piano and positioned it in the open underneath a wooden pyramid (that would eventually be burned at Burning Man). Aaron, of course, obliged... IT was a gathering place to say the least... There are too many sites, sounds, smells, and memories from Project Earth to write in this blog so it's best to just go. They only sell 800 tickets max so it's important to stay in touch... http://www.wookiefoot.com/festivals/project-earth/home

More fests to come...

Green Tea at UWSP

We return home to perform at UWSP (DUC Encore) on May 10th and we're pumped! We'll be sharing the stage with the fun pop rock act Tommy & the High Pilots from Santa Barbara, CA. These guys work hard, tour relentlessly, and continue to get noticed by the music industry, plus they're rising on the charts! It will be an honor to share the stage with 'em! Visit their facebook page and check them out: https://www.facebook.com/thehighpilots

Join us at The Encore @ 8pm... Get yur groove on...

Apr. 13/Apr. 20 posters

April 13th - WAMI Downtown Alive, 6pm, @ Buckhead Saloon, downtown Milwaukee, WI http://wamimusic.com
We're more than excited to perform at this awesome showcase with some great bands from around the state of WI! Our set starts at 6pm. As you can see on the poster the other bands at our venue include Bad Habitz, Whiskeybelles, Boxkar, and Fatty Acids. It's a 21+ gig but underagers can get a wristband at the door. There will be a lot of Milwaukee music industry peoples out to see our showcase so it will be a great opp. for us (and possibly you) to rub elbows.

April 20th - headlining Rock for Rescue, 5pm event start (our set starts around 8-9pm), @ Concordia U., Todd Wehr Auditorium, Mequon, WI http://a.rockforrescue.com
We can't wait to join these other bands on stage and rock the house! This benefit will bring in money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation so please be generous and join us... That's all you have to do! The whole event will start at 5pm but our set won't be until last since we're headlining. The other bands include Clock A Clay, SunE-P, Joe Kofroth, and Daniel Gilbert. We hope you can join us for a great cause!

The 2013 Grammys

What did you think of the Grammy's this year? Was it what you expected, some of the same overproduced stuff you can hear on the top 40 radio charts? Or, did it have a hint of unbridled class that pushed the music industry envelope? I think the latter is more accurate. Sure, there were plenty of moments that had too much of the same pop tinge with lots of A/V spectacle (AKA Taylor, Bruno, Rihanna, Justin, Frank Ocean, etc.), but there were other moments that had taste and compassion. Moments that touched upon the heart of The Grammy's. I'm talking about when Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) tore it up and Mavis Staples let loose during the cover song tribute "The Weight". This literally turned my Grammy experience around! What power and emotion... I loved it when Mavis just kept going after the song was over! She was feelin' it... and so was everyone else:

Elton John, Zac Brown, T Bone Burnett, Mavis... by IdolxMuzic

I'm An Ally!

Are you an ally yet? The band Fun. is fighting for LGBTQ equality through their new movement called The Ally Coalition. Their mission "...is to create a coalition of allies that will aid and encourage our fellow artists and people from every walk of life, to use their voices and influence to end discrimination against LGBTQ people."

Join Fun. and Trevor in the fight for a better culture of acceptance:

Zach recording at DNA Music Labs

Happy Thanksgiving to our fans!

There's a lot to be thankful for in this world: family, friends, music, local foods, a roof over our head, and much more... But today, we must say that we're very thankful for our fans! Green Tea fans, it was you who packed our Wausau Concert on the Square and then danced with us in the rain and mud last August. It was you who nearly sold out our CD release party at UWSP and danced your tails off last spring. It's you who continues to engage us on facebook and purchase our music. :)

Thank you fans! We couldn't do this project without you!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
-Green Tea

Broccoli Man

Fun at the HallowGreen Barn Bash!

Aaron and I made it out to the HallowGreen Barn Bash this past Saturday. If you didn't make it or haven't heard of the event, it's a fun family Halloween fest and fundraiser for the Green House Project in Stevens Point. http://www.farmshed.org/ They had pumpkin carving, a chili cook off, sweet treats, live music, prizes, a bon fire, delicious libations, and more... I wore my usual Direct TV tech costume (a job I once had for 3 months). Let's just say it wasn't the best job in world for a guitar player who needs to feel his digits during the winter. Aaron decided to dress up as a nerd... I think it was mostly just him with a couple of add-ons though. :) Regardless, it was a great time and a well organized event. You should definitely check it out next year if you're in town. BTW: Broccoli Man was my favorite costume!

Thanks Luther College students for the fun we had!

I heard there's some buzz going for our Luther College show!

When talking to Lydia (student promoter) at Luther College she mentioned that we were well received the last time we performed there (2010) and students are getting excited for our return. I must admit, the Luther College shows has been one of my all-time favorites... The fun venue, the attentive fans, and the sing-alongs are what make Luther College special. Can't wait to arrive on campus Friday... It's going to be a blast!

Also, here's some online college press about the show: http://www.luther.edu/headlines/?story_id=409519

See ya soon Decorah, IA,


Wow! We're Finalists for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest!

Unbelievable! Amazing! Unprecedented! I can think of a hundred words to describe my excitement for our song "Run" being selected as 1 of 36 finalists for this competition! I don't know how many bands/artists we competed with, but I'm certain there were thousands that entered from all over the world... To gain this notoriety is a huge deal for us and we're so very happy this happened.

Here are the 36 finalists: http://www.jlsc.com/winners/2012a/finalists.php

Not to mention... The judges who reviewed our song are pros. I can't say who exactly listened and voted for our song "Run", but it was one or some of these fine artists/industry pros: Fergie, The Veronicas, Natasha Bedingfield, Jesse Harris, Lamont Dozier, Matt Pinfield, Bob Weir, Ryan Shaw, The Bacon Brothers, or Ken Komisar

Man... this is too exciting! I can't wait to sing this song to the next crowd at the next college or at the next club!

Thanks to our fans for all of your support! You helped us get here!



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