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As a Finalist for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest 2012 Green Tea is turning heads with their strong songwriting abilities and indie roots rock sound. Their song "Run" was recently chosen by a top music industry panel of judges including Fergie, The Veronicas, Natasha Bedingfield, Jesse Harris, Lamont Dozier, Matt Pinfield, Bob Weir, Ryan Shaw, The Bacon Brothers, or Ken Komisar. Among other career accomplishments, Green Tea has also opened for Rusted Root, received a 2010 WAMI nomination, and showcasing at NACA - Northern Plains 2009.

To share the unified soul that is music through songs that drive bodies to move, inspire the conscious observer, and enchant the intellectual spirit is the main substance of Green Tea's music and performance. With their high energy shows and pleasurable arrangements they are portrayed as sounding like John Butler Trio for Chili Peppers fans. In a live show review, Dino Corvino of the Central WI City Pages said “It takes just one experience hearing Green Tea to become a fan… Perhaps that’s why, when weather pushed their Concert on the Square show into the Great Hall last year, the place literally overflowed with people frantic to hear the music.”

"They will blow you away from the first note you hear." -Jane Woods, Fanrealm

Sonic diversity flows rampant within this group whom originates from New York, Washington State, Illinois, and Wisconsin, yet combining these various backgrounds is the natural fusion of Green Tea. The 2012 album release “Wake the Conscious” summarizes this fresh perspective in songwriting and ultimately an energized stage performance. Mixing original indie hooks and lyrics with driving progressions is the band’s modus operandi, catalyzing original inventions on stage with a hint of “live jamming.” Not to mention, John (flutes, whistles, vocals) is most likely “THE WORLD’S BEST” hands player (it has to be seen to be believed).

Green Tea continues to progress its fan base of thousands stemming from Midwestern U.S. with main stage performances at Oshkosh Waterfest (supporting Rusted Root twice), Blissfest, Bastille Days, Milwaukee Irish Fest, Porcupine Mt. Fest, Riverfront Rendezvous, headliners for the Green Bay Packers Tailgate Tour in 2008, and more... The band showcased at NACA-Northern Plains 2009 and has performed 15 different colleges such as Luther College, St. Olaf, University of St. Thomas, UW-Stevens Point, UM-Duluth, MSU-Moorhead, and more… Not to mention, the group has rocked the stage at various arts centers and clubs around the Midwest including Fine Line, The Rave, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Door Community Auditorium, The Cedar, Falls Area PAC, Shank Hall, Mabel Tainter Center, and more… Yet, the band has played the same stages as Melissa Etheridge, Nickel Creek, Indigo Girls, Blues Traveler, Guster, Richie Havens, Violent Femmes, & more…


Keyboards, Melodica

Aaron is a performer. In this setting, his sounds range from the ethereal to the hip. With a diverse background rooted early in classical, and later jazz, he lends complimentary and improvisational elements from a world of genres beyond world roots; alternative, jazz, folk, funk, rock, et. al. When it's time to play, he brings it all to the stage; piano, electro-mechanical keyboards from the 70's, vintage synthesizers, and a melodica. During a slower tune, Aaron may be heard remembering Eric Satie. Then, when it's time to dance, the fire burns hot; the fusion of keys plug in.

His love of music began one day in 1978 when he discovered he could reach the keyboard of a theatre organ at age 3. At 5 he began classical piano studies. What looked like a career in classical music, with training and a growing resume that includes international performances at numerous piano competitions, Colleges, Universities, and concert halls, began to change when he discovered world music and jazz. After graduating from Lower Columbia College and performing a concerto with the Southwest Washington Symphony, he moved to Chicago in 1997, in search of new musical ventures. Now, Aaron does it all with Green Tea.


Flutes/Whistles, Vocals, Hands

Doc (W. John Coletta) was born in Connecticut at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, the same hospital as that other famous “W” (George W.)! (He may have been switched at birth!) and was brought up on Long Island, New York (not far from the beautiful ocean beaches), in a home that will be under water in 200 years. “Those are pearls that were his eyes,” wrote the Bard. He grew up playing clarinet in the public schools and continued with the instrument through college. His musical ear was shaped by his Julliard-trained father, who was an accomplished theatre and jazz musician, and his musical foot was shaped by his ballet-dancing mother, who danced in front of 12 million people (live audience not tv audience) in her year and a half of dancing in the Radio City Music Hall Corps de Ballet, so it is hard to impress her though she always seems to be impressed anyway! John, however, did not practice as much as he should have (being more interested in listening to Jethro Tull and ELP), and, because in the minds of the idiotic kids and their parents in those days (have we changed?) heterosexual dudes didn’t take ballet; thus, though I am heterosexual, I was kept from ballet class! He’d choose differently today!

John does have a Ph.D. in English (actually, he has a college degree from each of four different time zones [if you do also or have degrees from more than 4 times zones, please contact him and you can start a club]). His academic thing is literature and ecology, the history of ecological ideas, social and ecological justice, the anti-Oedipal self, the posthuman and science fiction, and semiotics: the study of signs. Indeed, “The Universe is made of stories, not atoms,” writes Muriel Rukeyser. He was the president of the Semiotic Society of America in 2010. Hey, check him out on academia.edu: http://uwsp.academia.edu/WJohnColetta to see his publications! John likes sunsets, he assumes, in part because of the fact that he depends on the sun for his very existence. We are all one people but not, fortunately, all the same person. “Shantih, Shantih, Shantih.”

John J.

Bass, electric guitar

Born and raised in Fond du Lac Wisconsin, John has been plucking around on the bass since he was twelve. His bass playing has roots in Blues, Jazz, Funk, with a dash of classic punk. John is influenced by a wide range of bands some of which being Led Zeppelin, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd, Cream, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With these influences John creates a sound that is funky and in your face combined with a tasteful groove that compliments and drives the music. John is also known for spontaneous electric guitar solos on stage. His guitar playing is influenced by the soul of Hendrix, the precision of Eric Clapton, and the quick licks of Jimmy Page.


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bodhran

Growing up along the lake shore of Wonder Lake, IL Trevor’s first interests were in discovering the natural world. The trees, the water, landscapes, and how they played out their lives inspired him to eventually study at the College of Natural Resources at UWSP. It was there that he filled that natural progression of music! Starting out with self-taught styles and fumbling on the electric in high school, Trevor eventually purchased an acoustic to line himself up with many of the new music he was hearing and wearing in college – Dave Matthews, Sublime, Phish, Zep, Floyd, and the occasional pop tune. The chicks dug it and he learned more about the instrument as the college years passed. Starting Green Tea early on in his sophomore year, world and roots music took over his motivations... A little taste of Celtic music and he was hooked for years on exploring this mythical creature and fusing various genres throughout the band’s arrangements. It wasn’t until 2011 that Trevor’s vocal strength and song writing endeavors would hit a fork in the road. The results? You’ll see what happened in many of his creations in the latest Green Tea album “Wake the Conscious”.



Zach, a self-taught musician, has been playing drums since he could lift a pair of sticks. Inspired by his listening to a wide range of bands across a broad spectrum of musical genres, Zach’s own style of playing fuses jazz, funk, rock, and punk. From such a fusion comes a percussive palette of extraordinary richness, one that produces unique percussive patterns creating never-before-heard rhythmic landscapes. As the poet John Keats writes, “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard / Are sweeter.” Indeed, the dude’s rhythmic riffs are sweet! Playing with passion and intensity, Zach helps Green Tea achieve its best!